Practice One – All Drivers

Position: 14TH – 2:07.0950

Fastest: Chaz Mostert – 2:06.3033


The Freightliner Racing #14 Commodore won’t be on track for Practice Two and Three. will have all the results. We’ll keep fans updated via the Freightliner Racing Facebook page for all the progress of the repairs.



The hard luck story of the day belongs to Freightliner Racing after Tim Slade found the wall through the esses in Practice One. The damage is quite extensive, with the front and rear rails damaged, which will see the team work through the night to make the repairs. The Freightliner Racing Commodore won’t be back on track today, possibly not tomorrow, but the team are confident it will line up for Sunday’s Great Race. The team as a whole have been put through their paces this year, and most Supercars fans know, our team are more than capable of fighting back!


Tim “I got over skyline and when I dropped down a gear the back just stepped out. It’s a funny feeling, you feel like you can gather it up, but once you’ve lost enough traction there, there isn’t enough track to get it back.”

“I glanced the wall on the right, and it spat me into the wall on the left. From the footage you can see it certainly wasn’t a small hit, the crew are working hard to remove everything they can off the car and assess the damage.”

“The Freightliner Racing Commodore won’t be back out today, and when it will be out next is an unknown. Sunday for sure. It’s a less than ideal start to the weekend as we were on top of the time before that happened. The car felt very comfortable and fast, very similar to how it did here last year. When the mountain bites, it bites pretty hard.”


Ash “For me, it’s been a huge week of recovery after my accident at Phillip Island, turns out I have 4 fractured ribs, 2 on either side. I saw a radiologist this morning and they’ve been able to give me something to manage the pain.”

“Our plan has always been for me to do a few laps and see how I feel. The team had me complete a few laps in the #8 Boost Mobile Commodore of Percat/Jones. It wasn’t my seat and the positioning of the steering wheel is different to #14, so it was little uncomfortable. It was nice to get out and do a few laps, and I feel I’ll be up for the Sunday race, but Brad and I will discuss that more later.”

“The team are working hard to repair the Freightliner Racing Commodore, with extra crew on their way from Albury. We know they’ll get the job done and get us back out there as soon as they can, the boys are champions.”



Friday 6th October

8:45-9:45 – Practice Four – Co-Drivers

11:40-12:40 – Practice Five – All Drivers

15:50-16:30 - Qualifying

Saturday 7th October

10:15-11:15 – Practice Six – All Drivers

17:10-17:55 – Top Ten Shootout

Sunday 8th October

8:05-8:25 – Warm Up

9:05-9:20 – Drivers Parade

11:10 – Bathurst 1000 / 161 Laps



Friday 6th October

13:00-13:15 – Autograph Session – Freightliner Racing Tent in Merchandise Alley

14:15-14:45 – Supercars Autograph Session – Freightliner Racing Garage

Saturday 7th October

12:45-12:45 – Supercars Autograph Session – Freightliner Racing Garage

13:30-13:45 – Autograph Session – Freightliner Racing Tent in Merchandise Alley



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Published: 05 October 2017.

#14 Tim Slade

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